Whisky Filibuster

Andy Daly Read Opinions of Laphroaig For 3½ Hours

Watch the whole thing. We dare you.

Laphroaig is a polarizing whisky and #OpinionsWelcome is a campaign that encourages friend and foe alike to share their opinions - good, bad and just plain confused.

This election year, MULTIPLY created the ultimate political discourse: the Laphroaig Filibuster, a 3 ½ hour-long speech, recited in a single take by comedian Andy Daly (of Comedy Central’s Review fame), comprising thousands of real consumer opinions.

Watch as Andy attempts to bring a divided nation together to finally decide on whether Laphroaig is “a bowl of vanilla ice cream from inside a forest fire,” or “a moldy rock you licked from the fireplace.” He even included a nod to some of the most (in)famous moments in American filibuster history (ahem, Huey Long & Wendy Davis!) Can you spot them all?

Sample work
Sample work

“A tour-de-force 3.5 hour reading — like the Ben Hur version of 'mean tweets'”

Business Insider

Filibuster not only delivered stellar media coverage, but also resulted in off the charts consumer engagement (3 X’s the industry norm!) and breakout social media results.

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